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About this segment

Wood pellets have a high water absorption capacity and can absorb up to 3 times their weight in water. As it is a hygroscopic material, its application in hygienic toilets in the pet segment has seen great growth.

Because of the same characteristic, wood pellets also don’t smell of chemical products. Because it is 100% organic, this product does not affect the health of pets and can be disposed of with ordinary garbage or flushed down the toilet. Cats, guinea pigs and rabbits are the small pets that use wood pellets the most as toilets.

Finally, there is also an application for large animals such as horses. Because of its hygroscopic characteristics and cylindrical shape, wood pellets are an economical choice for stall bedding when compared to sawdust. In addition, this product keeps the environment dry and also massages the animals’ hooves.

Differentials of Wood Granules in the Pet Segment

ENplus® A1 certified product

Compliance with standards reinforces customer confidence, making us a solid choice for companies looking for a reliable supplier.

Sustainable Product

100% natural, non-toxic and compostable.

Compact and Safe Export Material

They pose no risk of explosion and are not susceptible to leaks. They are easy to handle, use, store and transport.

Hygroscopic material

They have a high capacity to absorb moisture, removing unwanted smells and keeping environments more hygienic. It also doesn’t freeze or mold.
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Environmental sustainability at all stages of production

Our raw material sources are carefully selected to meet high criteria and quality standards. We produce pellets 100% from locally reforested pine wood. With efficient manufacturing processes, our products perfectly meet the demands and standards required for international certifications such as ISO. Therefore, the pellets we produce comply with the ESG policies of companies that care about their impact on the environment.

In addition, resources derived from organic matter are renewable and generate low amounts of pollutants. The use of wood pellets helps to reduce the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Why buy from TCF Pellets?

Support and quality of service

We instruct you on how to maximize pellet burning and clean your burner efficiently.

Quality and origin of products

We have ENplus®A1, an international certification that covers the entire supply chain, from the origin of raw materials to production and the end consumer.

Close and reciprocal service

We actively work to be your company’s ideal supplier, we go beyond the product and help our customers develop a stock policy.

Stability in the production process

We guarantee the quality established by ENplus®A1 and delivery times according to the negotiation and the specific needs of each client.

10 years' experience in the market

For more than a decade we have been building reliability and commitment with our clients in this highly competitive market.

Logistical expertise and contacts

We help our clients maximize their freight costs, delivery times and purchase quantities.

Ask for our Commercial Contact

TCF Pellets consultants are experienced, skilled and agile. We are ready to answer your questions and help you choose the best product for your market segment.

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Wood Pellets

Renewable biofuel with a naturally zero-carbon production chain.

Wood Granules

100% natural product for pet toilets and animal stable bedding.

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