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Home Heating

About this segment

The home heating segment is looking for comfort and practicality in its space and water heating systems. Due to their ease of use and high efficiency, wood pellets are the most advanced form of biofuel for generating heat for this purpose.

There are currently several manufacturers of low-impact, easy-to-install equipment, room conditioning and water heating systems that use this non-toxic product. For example, a socket and an air outlet to the outside environment are enough to install a wood pellet heating system.

Due to its production process, this 100% organic product is an efficient biofuel to burn, safe to store and takes up to 5 times less space than firewood and other forms of biomass. Wood pellets are so efficient to burn that they save up to 43% compared to natural gas and up to 50% compared to LPG.

Advantages of Wood Pellets in Home Heating

High Energy Density

They have a high energy density in relation to their size and weight, with more than 4,000,000 Kcal per ton.

Zero Smoke

Proper combustion is odorless and smokeless, making it a fuel compatible with cleaner production environments.

Generates No Waste

Very low ash content, only 0.7% after proper burning. This increases equipment cleaning intervals and brings maintenance savings.

ENplus® A1 Certified Product

Compliance with standards reinforces customer confidence, making us a solid choice for companies looking for a reliable supplier.

Automation Control

Like gas, its burning and temperature can be regulated via automation.

Fuel Substitute

It replaces other types of fuel such as lime, wood, chips, coal, oil and natural gas.

Sustainable Product

100% natural, non-toxic and compostable.

More information

Fuel Substitution

As well as being renewable and environmentally friendly, wood pellets are economical and competitive when compared to other fossil fuels such as diesel oil, LPG and natural gas.

As can be seen in the graph below, the pellets can be:

  • 43% more economical than natural gas;
  • 60% compared to diesel;
  • 67% compared to LPG, and
  • up to 80% more economical than electricity.

Replacing fossil fuel consumption can be an important step in your company’s social and environmental responsibility program.

Energy Costs: Pellets and Competitors (%)

Why buy from TCF Pellets?

Support and quality of service

We instruct you on how to maximize pellet burning and clean your burner efficiently.

Quality and origin of products

We have ENplus®A1, an international certification that covers the entire supply chain, from the origin of raw materials to production and the end consumer.

Human and reliable service

We actively work to be your company’s ideal supplier, we go beyond the product and help our customers develop a stock policy.

Reliable production process

We guarantee the quality established by ENplus®A1 and delivery times according to the negotiation and the specific needs of each client.

10 years' experience in the market

For more than a decade we have been building reliability and commitment with our clients in this highly competitive market.

Logistical expertise and contacts

We help our clients maximize their freight costs, delivery times and purchase quantities.

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TCF Pellets consultants are experienced, skilled and agile. We are ready to answer your questions and help you choose the best product for your market segment.

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