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Wood Granules

100% natural product for pet toilets and animal stable bedding.
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About the product

Far more than just a product made from dehydrated and compacted wood, our wood granules go through a controlled manufacturing process. Industrial production guarantees homogeneity and stability in technical characteristics, resulting in a remarkably homogeneous, reliable and high-quality product.

Committed to sustainability, our factory is proud to hold the ENplus®A1 certification, attesting to our commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

The main uses for wood granules are in the animal care market are:

  • stable bedding for horses, and
  • hygienic toilets for pets such as cats, hamsters and guinea pigs.

Main Advantages of Wood Granules

ENplus® A1 certified product

Compliance with standards reinforces customer confidence, making us a solid choice for companies looking for a reliable supplier.

Sustainable Product

100% natural, non-toxic and compostable.

Compact and Safe Export Material

They pose no risk of explosion and are not susceptible to leaks. They are easy to handle, use, store and transport.

Hygroscopic material

They have a high capacity to absorb moisture, removing unwanted smells and keeping environments more hygienic. It also doesn’t freeze or mold.

Most Served Markets

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How to use

As animal bedding in stables

A stable bed is a layer of soft, absorbent material placed on the floor of a stable or stall to provide comfort and hygiene for large animals, especially horses. Traditionally, straw was commonly used as bedding, but nowadays, wood granules are becoming an increasingly popular option due to their advantages.

Advantages of wood granules for animal bedding:

  • Because of its shape, the pellets massage the horse’s hooves, de-stressing and comforting the animal.
  • Because it is hygroscopic, the granules absorb moisture and waste, providing a more hygienic environment.
  • Because it comes from plants, the granules are 100% natural, non-toxic and compostable.
  • Because it is a compacted material, wood granules tend to last longer than straw, saving time and money in the long run.
  • Because of their cylindrical shape, granules make cleaning the stall quicker and less laborious.

How to use

As hygienic toilets for pets

Hygienic toilets are an essential solution for maintaining the hygiene and comfort of pets, especially those that live indoors. For example, cats, hamsters and guinea pigs. Among the many options available on the market, wood granules stand out as a smart and effective choice.

Advantages of wood granules for hygienic pet toilets:

  • Because it is hygroscopic, the granules have a high absorption capacity and eliminate urine odor.
  • Because it comes from plants, the granules are 100% natural, non-toxic and compostable. They are an environmentally conscious choice for pet owners concerned about environmental sustainability.
  • Because of its shape, granules are a comfortable option for pets. They are soft on pets’ paws and don’t pose any risk of allergies or irritation, making them ideal for everyday use.
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Opcoes de embalagem pellets de madeira

Packaging and palletizing options

Pallet assembly options

We offer wood granules in

  • packs of 15 and 20 kgs, with a minimum order of 1560 kgs;
  • big bags from 750 to 1200 kgs, and
  • in bulk, with a minimum order of 25 tons.

More information:

  • For export, we sell 1260 kg pallets in 15 kg packages, resulting in a closed load of 27.72 tons.
  • For 15 kg packages, we also offer the option of assembling 1500 kg pallets.
  • For packages of 20 kgs we offer pallets of 1560 kgs.
  • If the customer collects the product with their own truck, we sell single big bags or closed loads according to the truck’s capacity.

In addition to the sacking options above, we also offer the option of bagging granules in White Label form.

Our dispatch area is able to pack this product in any brand the customer wishes, limited only to weights of 10, 15 and 20 kgs.

For more information, please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page or directly via WhatsApp.

Why buy from TCF Pellets?

Support and quality of service

We instruct you on how to maximize pellet burning and clean your burner efficiently.

Quality and origin of products

We have ENplus®A1, an international certification that covers the entire supply chain, from the origin of raw materials to production and the end consumer.

Close and reciprocal service

We actively work to be your company’s ideal supplier, we go beyond the product and help our customers develop a stock policy.

Stability in the production process

We guarantee the quality established by ENplus®A1 and delivery times according to the negotiation and the specific needs of each client.

10 years' experience in the market

For more than a decade we have been building reliability and commitment with our clients in this highly competitive market.

Logistical expertise and contacts

We help our clients maximize their freight costs, delivery times and purchase quantities.

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We offer wood pellets in packs of 15kg and 20kg, big bags from 750kg to 1200kg and even bulk loads (minimum 25 tons).

The minimum quantity to quote is 1560kg.

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Wood Pellets

Renewable biofuel with a naturally zero-carbon production chain.

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