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Economy and sustainability with our 100% ecological and renewable solid biofuel

Wood Pellets

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100% natural product for pet toilets and stall bedding

Wood Granules

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We export products that meet international quality standards


Find out who we are and see what sets TCF Pellets apart

TCF Pellets is a Canadian multinational specializing in the manufacture of wood pellets with 11 years’ experience in Brazil. Our company stands out as one of the largest wood pellet factories in Brazil, with a large industrial park equipped with advanced technology and imported machinery. Our focus is to guarantee high quality, capacity and reliability in production, serving B2B clients in both the national and international markets.

Support and quality of service

We instruct you on how to maximize pellet burning and clean your burner efficiently.

Quality and origin of products

We have ENplus®A1, an international certification that covers the entire supply chain, from the origin of raw materials to production and the end consumer.

Close and reciprocal service

We actively work to be your company’s ideal supplier, we go beyond the product and help our customers develop a stock policy.

Stability in the production process

We guarantee the quality established by ENplus®A1 and delivery times according to the negotiation and the specific needs of each client.

10 years' experience in the market

For more than a decade we have been building reliability and commitment with our clients in this highly competitive market.

Logistical expertise and contacts

We help our clients maximize their freight costs, delivery times and purchase quantities.

Wood Pellets

Renewable biofuel with a naturally zero-carbon production chain.

Wood Granules

100% natural product for pet toilets and animal stable bedding.

Most Served Markets

Click below to find out how our products deliver value to each market segment.

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We offer wood pellets in packs of 15kg and 20kg, big bags from 750kg to 1200kg and even bulk loads (minimum 25 tons).

The minimum quantity to quote is 1560kg.

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Looking for retail?

TCF Pellets does not work in retail, i.e. we do not sell in quantities smaller than 1560 kgs (one closed pallet). If you want to buy in small quantities, we have a list of partner distributors who can help you.

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Quality assured by ENplus®Certification

ENplus®A1 certification is an internationally recognized standard that attests to and ensures the quality of wood pellets, from the careful choice of raw materials to final production. As a result, our customers can be sure of the quality and high standard of our certified production. The certified product provides significant savings and advantages for our national and international customers.

As protocol, we retain a sample of each batch sold, allowing for effective traceability and ensuring that each customer receives pellets made from raw materials of the highest quality. The company is also 100% capable of exporting cargo in 15 kg packages, big bags and in bulk. In addition, we already have distribution channels in countries such as Italy and Belgium.

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Seg a sex, das 8h às 18h
+55 (41) 3632-1720
Estrada Municipal KM 002, Nº 329, Distrito Industrial, Piên - PR, Brasil CEP: 83860-000
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